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Trust SRH for cleaning your grease trap

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Grease traps cleaning

Enjoy a quality professional service for your organization :


Fast and efficient service

24/7 emergency service

Proactive intervention

A proactive attitude towards grease trap maintenance helps to avoid any risk of last-minute repairs while saving time.

More than a service


Since 2012, SRH Récupération takes care of all your needs for the cleaning of your grease traps.


SRH Récupération promotes the sustainable development of the region while ensuring the recovery of residues of grase traps as biofuel.


Whether for a service call or an emergency, contact us.

More than
More than

The answer to your grease traps


12 years of experience in collecting

A proactive and stable service

Your standards of hygiene respected

in good standing

Respect of the regulations in force

Traceability of recoveries

Treatment in approved factories

MAPAQ permit # 89



Agile and efficient without intervenors

By phone or email, we are here within 24 hours

Volume recovered properly



A gesture respectful towards the environment

Recycling is preserving natural resources

In business since 2012